Testimonials for SalsaJulia

Over the years Julia and the team have taught many hundreds of people in Mid-Sussex to dance Salsa. We work hard to provide a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with the emphasis on fun. The comments below are from customers who have chosen to express their views about SalsaJulia. If you would like to share your own experience, please send an email to me.


Really enjoyed myself despite my initial trepidation. You make it so easy and friendly.


Absolutely superb course... Julia and the team make it so much fun.

Isabel & David

Can't believe the course is over... looking forward to the next course, we love it!


Absolutely brilliant! Thoroughly enjoyed it.


The salsa class gives me something to look forward to as well as a challenge. Thank you Julia, your classes make a difference.


Brilliant - normally wild horses wouldn't get me to dance!


Yes it IS addictive! I love it!

David & Jacqui

Loved it! We are addicted now. Great teaching style


LOVE IT - even though I'll never manage the shoulders!

Paul & Judi

Fantastic group and will be back for more


Enjoyed the course, excellent tuition. Very friendly team of helpers, all good fun.

Lesley and Mike

We have both thoroughly enjoyed the Beginners Course. Mike could not dance a step before but now feels confident. Julia and the helpers make it easy and fun. We want to learn more!


Can't believe I learnt to dance!


Good laugh - and having fun whilst learning something new.


Fantastic - simply love the class. Excellent teaching - well paced with clear, easy instruction. Very friendly.


Absolutely excellent instruction - great all round enjoyment.


Very enjoyable lessons, lots of fun, Julia is an excellent teacher. The hour goes so quick.


The beginners course has been good fun. It's well structured so that everyone is able to keep up, but not in a way where anyone is treading water waiting for the rest. I love the fact that I can now dance (a bit), plus look forward to increasing my repertoire. Then hopefully on the next club night I won't feel quite so out of my depth - it's good to have something to aspire to! I think you've got the formula pretty much spot on.


I just have to say I am experiencing the most friendly, effervescent dance class I've ever attended. With your magnificent team of fun, enthusiastic helpers you have a great way of teaching. I'm so glad to be a part of it. Thank you Julia, just love it!


Excellent fun, friendly people. I can't believe I didn't do it sooner!


Fantastic teacher, friendly + helpful team. Great exercise. Thanks Julia :-)


Great fun and excellent tuition, most enjoyable - thank you!


Julia is a brilliant teacher, is full of enthusiasm and lots of patience. She makes it look so easy (although I'm still struggling with the sequence before "Casino")! I like the informality and friendly atmosphere of the class and the helpers are great too. Thank you all.


Love it!


Friendly, great fun, energetic, plenty of dancing, laughs etc. Love it!

Claire & Elaine

We love Salsa Julia and can't live without it!


I have found the courses superb and gain more skills and confidence with such a wonderful group of fellow enthusiasts. Best time ever. The way to go!


Julia and the group are fantastic, encouraging and supportive.


Fantastic friendly classes - Julia is a great teacher, very relaxed and fun. Her salsa team are all lovely too. A really fun club.


Fantastic - Patrick Swayze eat your heart out! Great fun, extremely friendly.


Going well - get me to Havana!


Absolutely loved the course. Great fun.

Clare & Paul

Great teacher, fun lessons, we always have a giggle.


Very enjoyable and very friendly team.

Jill & John

Great fun - excellent tuition and very friendly

Paul & Julie

We have learnt a lot and the pace has been helpful. Tutor and coaches very patient and instructions clear.


Great fun. Thanks to you all.

Karen & Trevor

Enjoyed the course and very well taught.


"Absolutely fantastic, especially the social evenings, please keep doing them!"

Jane & Richard

"Very relaxed, lots of fun but also very informative. We will be back for more!"

Sue & Nick

"Excellent instruction making learning fun. We have learnt a lot in a short time."


"The teacher is very good at explaining things and never embarrasses anyone. It's not as daunting for men as they might think and more should go."


"Great fun even for my uncoordinated feet. Never thought I'd learn so fast"

Maureen & John

We are thoroughly enjoying our salsa class and cannot wait to go onto the Improvers class. We enjoy the sense of fun that Julia brings to the lessons and her endless patience with us ol' crocks, especially John (his words)! Julia's helpers are always on hand to offer advice and a helping hand as well. Looking forward to the next session. Great class, love it!


Very much enjoyed the course; good fun, nice people, great teacher!

Elaine & Andrew

Fantastic! I love it!

Dawn and David

Fantastic course, not made to feel clumsy or useless.


Fab, friendly and lots of fun. Pace not too fast and not too slow.



Val & Roger

We have thoroughly enjoyed the Beginners course and feel that when we go on holiday we won't make complete fools of ourselves on the dancefloor. Julia is so patient with her teaching and will not move on until she is confident everyone has "got it". This is invaluable for both of us as we are 'non-dancers'.


Really enjoying salsa - great teacher - great fun!


I am enjoying the courses tremendously. Julia ensures everyone is included and that is so important. You have a 'just right' sense of humour and terrific energy - GREAT!

Tracy & Colin

Excellent classes - lots of fun. Enjoy dancing with others - helps to consolidate the learning process.

Alison & Martin

Good fun! Progressive and very clear learning.


Thoroughly enjoyed it, excellent, clear instrutions.

Rachel & Michelle

Fantastic classes, really good fun and relaxed. Looking forward to learning more moves!.

April & Louise

Very enjoyable and alot of fun. Julia makes it easy to pick up the steps quickly due to slowing the steps down and going through it thoroughly.


Really enjoyed the lessons. Her style of dancing is very relaxed and made me feel more confident.


"Having now completed the beginners course classes there is no going back... I'm honestly hooked!! Julia is an inspiration to us all. Her personality & knowledge of salsa is vast. It's fun from start to finish with lots of laughs & full of great people. We neeed more, more, more!!."


"I have really enjoyed learning salsa at the beginners classes (even after coming straight from work) for the past 6 weeks. Julia's great and has a fun and relaxed way of teaching. I shall definitely be back for the next lot of classes."


"Love your classes, your instruction is clear and you give each person time to learn at their own pace. Also you make it a lot of fun!"


"Every lesson is so enjoyable, I go away every week on quite a high. Julia is an excellent teacher. Salsa is a fantastic way of toning the bum - I've had a few comments!!"

Mo & Al

Good pace of teaching with plenty of chance to practice before, during and after the class. Very sociable evening out with the more advanced students helping the basic course... a great idea.


Great fun! Julia's enthusiasm is inspiring & very catching. Relaxed atmosphere and very friendly team.


Absolutely loved the class but am gutted the classes stop during the summer!


"Really enjoy the classes, and learning a new language!! Everybody is really friendly and helpful - also good at keeping me fit. Have noticed my bottom has started to tone up - can't be bad!!"


"You are a great, patient teacher and your humour is something which I think makes the difference between learning and feeling anxious and just having a great time!"


"Julia's enthusiasm, patience and her great sense of humour ensures that each class is fun as well as being well structured. A great 'step by step' introduction to salsa in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. And she doesn't miss a thing!"


"I love everything about the Salsa classes, but above all Julia’s teaching style is outstanding, she builds our skills steadily, her enthusiasm, energy and zest are infectious, and somehow even I seem to have grasped the basic steps! I have definitely caught the Salsa bug!"


"You make lessons fun - for somebody who is a little inhibited & shy you encourage participation without anxiety. It's important to keep revising past lessons otherwise I forget! You did this, which was helpful."


"I really enjoy these lessons. They're really good fun & you're a great teacher!"

Marjorie & Roger

"Really enjoying the experience. One day we'll get shoulders and hips working! Thanks to the more experienced class for helping us beginners."


"I've really enjoyed the Beginners course, it's good to learn a new skill and have a laugh while doing so, so it's given me more confidence on the dance floor. I have ankylosing spondylitis and have always worried I would look as stiff as a board while dancing, but Julia has helped me to relax and have fun! Now I don't care what others think as I'm having fun. Thanks Julia!"


"Far more fun and explanations and demo's far easier to understand and follow. A good fun course - lots of nice friendly people. Julia is an excellent inspiration."


"I felt comfortable and relaxed from my 1st lesson. The lessons are fun and very easy to follow. Julia makes is all look so easy. I am enjoying it very much!"


"I would just like to say how much I enjoy your classes and I look forward to Sunday evenings with a vengeance. You are so right when you say Salsa is addictive; I would like to dance every night if I could!"


"One of the most important elements of what you do is to reduce/eliminate the fear in those attending."

Jane & Richard

"Very relaxed, lots of fun but also very informative. We will be back for more!"

Sue & Nick

"Excellent instruction making learning fun. We have learnt a lot in a short time."


"The teacher is very good at explaining things and never embarrasses anyone. It's not as daunting for men as they might think and more should go."


"I'm really enjoying the beginners salsa classes with Julia. It was obvious from very early on that Julia not only knows her salsa moves, but also has a teaching style that's very clear and easy to learn from. She constantly challenges and encourages us to progress with new moves, while at the same time puts everyone at ease by making it light hearted, humorous and brilliant fun. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Julia's classes to anyone who's thinking of trying salsa dancing."